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Hello again from the USA. Need some more help from Capri.pl

Please "like" my Capri in the following contest. Just click the thumbs up symbol


I'm trying to get enough votes to win the year end contest. Thanks for your support!

If you can post a comment as well that would be great. Decisions are made based on likes and comments as well as a final decision by the company! Feel free to post any language you like. I'd like to show how much the world loves Capris!!!

Joe Bennardo

Capri76 / 2010-10-09 20:01:09 /

Nice engine!! :>

ٶٹڢڶ Ptasiek 3M ڄژښڭ Dokładna lokalizacja na mapie / 2010-10-09 20:12:06 /

I really like the engine, charger and all other modifications. I 'liked it' and and I do hope you will win. Good luck!

Classmobile / 2010-10-09 20:20:05 /

comment posted. Good luck.

marian212 Dokładna lokalizacja na mapie Członek Stowarzyszenia capri.pl / 2010-10-10 11:12:23 /

Man, I'm quite astonished that capri.pl is a world recognized brand by now :D
Obviously you've got my vote, so hopefully you'll beat some asses there.
Good luck Joe.

on_the_run Dokładna lokalizacja na mapie / 2010-10-11 01:19:20 /

Those bumpers are so ugly :P. Voting done.

Młody_wFe Członek Stowarzyszenia capri.pl / 2010-10-11 10:16:35 /

Done, no commennt's :)

cortinas !G.O.P! / 2010-10-11 10:35:54 /

comment's* miało być :D:D of course ;)

cortinas !G.O.P! / 2010-10-11 10:37:44 /

no comment ewentualnie ;P

Mysza liil (EM) / 2010-10-11 11:02:56 /

Jak ktoś nie mówiący po angielsku to streszczenie: koleżka bierze udział w jakimś klikającym konkursie, jak się wejdzie na podany link to można zobaczyć i zagłosować na jego Capri.

Młody_wFe Członek Stowarzyszenia capri.pl / 2010-10-11 12:42:18 /


Zawada1 Dokładna lokalizacja na mapie / 2010-10-11 13:56:14 /

The Capri mailing list (1000 memmber sin the US, UK, Australia and a few from the rest of the world) has known about capri.pl for a long time. We asked capri.pl to help during the Capri rally to Mongolia and the help you gave was great!

The voting on the website is flawed. It is easy to vote more than once. Another car is voting 200 times per day. Comments will win this contest. So even if you love the car but hat the bumpers make a comment.

Thank you to all who have commented. If the company sees votes from everywhere in the world winning should be easy!

Capri76 / 2010-10-11 21:31:42 /

I love those bumpers ;-))) And I have such for my european Mark 2 Capri ...

Still looking for a front grill with turn lights .... and front spoiler under the bumper ;-)

Nice 2.3 Turbo .... is it from a Merkur Xr4Ti or SVO Mustang ? Or something else ?

MikeB4 Dokładna lokalizacja na mapie Członek Stowarzyszenia capri.pl / 2010-10-11 22:44:15 /

This winter I plan on doing something with the bumpers. Maybe bring them closer to the body. They can be cut and glued back together. If not I'll probably put MKI bumpers on it painted black.

Mike, I think you are one of the guys who helped Norm and the rest of the group to mongolia? If so I would contact him for the parts you need...or you could ask on the capri mailing list. I don't have extra parts.

The engine is from a 1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe. Essentially an SVO Mustang parts wise. I did the conversion in 2000.

Capri76 / 2010-10-12 02:31:40 /

Needs chrome bumpers man!

And I obviously like that color.

Zombie / 2010-10-21 23:51:06 /